This site has been created to showcase the growing number of micro /craft breweries in Scotland. (estimated to be over 70 independent breweries) These breweries  produce beers made with love and passion that offer us an amazing variety of beer styles and tastes to enjoy.

Here you will find a growing list of the micros in Scotland highlighting those that welcome visitors for brewery tours and those that have online shops where you can order your favourite beers direct to your home.

More useful features and information will continue to be added to enhance your craft beer quest so please continue to forward your suggestions to- nick@microbreweriesguide.com

Scotland brewery facts
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The small print! Unfortunately we cannot vouch for the accuracy of the information provided on this site. Please forward any comments to nick@microbreweriesguide.com

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Now for those that are curious on what the definition is for a micro or craft brewery 

Micro / Craft Brewery Defined

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